Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I required to make my property available to Section 8?

  • Can I reach you after hours?

  • Can you put the money directly into my account?

  • Do I get to see the lease or sign it?

  • Do you sell real estate too?

  • How and when do I get my checks?

    By check usually within 30 days of when rent is received.
  • How is rent collection handled?

    We can receive rent checks by mail, Credit card, cash or online direct deposit.
  • How long of a lease do you sign?

    1 to 12 month renewable terms depending on your request.
  • How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?

    Usually one month worth. However, each property is different and may be a different amount depending on comfort level of the owner.
  • How soon can you start managing my property?

    1 business day.
  • What type of properties do you manage?

    Single family Homes, vacation homes, Multi units, Condos, Apartment buildings, executive housing, small retail spaces.
  • What type of reports do I get and how often?

    You have access to custom control income and expense information or we can send any info needed weekly or monthly.
  • Who holds the tenant security deposit?

    It is held in a separate security deposit account.