Damage Free Decorating for Rental Properties

Meg Stiffler - Wednesday, April 17, 2019

As we approach the inevitable spring cleaning months, and thanks to the new Netflix hit by Marie Kondo, everyone has been bingeing, it’s like we have all been hit with the declutter and re-decorating bug. Thrift shops all over the country are becoming filled with all sorts of new “old” stuff. What you may have grown out of, or isn’t worthwhile to you anymore, may be pure decorating gold to the next person. Take advantage of that! If you live in a rental property, you know you are limited with what you can actually do without doing any damage. Pinterest boards are always an amazing “go-to” when it comes for inspiration, but what about doing what you see without compromising that security deposit?

Here are five ideas to get you going;

Command Hooks - They have been around for years now and that’s because they work! When you sign that lease and it says;  No Painting. No Nails.  NO HOLES IN THE WALL WHATSOEVER., you will quickly realize you don’t have the decorating freedom that you thought you did. Head to Target, Wal-Mart, really any sort of drug store and pick up some hooks and adhesive. If you’re an Amazon shopper (it’s 2019, who isn’t?!), and you do a “command” search, you will find a ton of cool stuff. We think that the removable photo ledges are an awesome find.

Temporary wallpaper - I’m willing to bet there’s a few of you who didn’t even know temporary wallpaper was a thing. Well, it is. And it looks like the real deal. Not only are they easily removable without stripping paint off the walls, but some wallpapers are even reusable. If you do a quick Google search, you will come up with a bunch of affordable options.

Throw pillows - If you’re a stranger to HGTV, then you’re missing out on the importance of those throw pillows and how they can transform any space. Place some colorful, stylish pillows on the couch, bed, or outdoor entertainment and voila! You don’t need to spend big bucks on pillows and when you get bored with the design, you can easily change it.

Area rug - If you have a lot of empty floor space and you aren’t sure what to do, consider an area rug. The benefits of having a rug is that it helps break up any long stretches of tile, and helps protect carpet from stains and general wear and tear. It’s a lot cheaper to replace a rug than it is to forfeit your security deposit for property damage to the carpet when you move out.

Faux plants - Add a little bit of greenery to a room and you have an instant transformation. Nowadays the fake plants look like the real deal. You can add the impression of life and not have to worry about killing your plants if you are away or risk of making a dirty, water stained mess on the floor.